Our products include the
following appliances by
prescription only:

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Sport - pg. 1, 2

Dress - pg. 1, 2

Still Growing - pg. 1, 2

Custom Naot Sandals &

AFO Braces - pg. 1, 2

Top Covers and Paddings
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Orthotic Description Detail

Welcome to NewGen Advanced Orthotics Lab. The company was founded in 1996
in Memphis Tennessee. NewGen brings prescription orthotic fabrication into the 21st century by utilizing A) "Direct Milled" Technology and
B) Advanced "traditional" orthotic technology.

1) Negative casts/impressions are digitized to their exact dimensions.

2) Positives are archived and kept for your use indefinitely - no more storage problems - no more unnecessary re-casts.

3) Extrinsic posts are either attached or are incorporated instrinsically - allowing them to keep their correction year after year without the fear that they may break off or lose their correction due to overuse.

4) Most importantly, our prescription orthotics utilizing our advanced technologies are just more compliant. Statistics prove this.

We personally invite you to see the difference, the NewGen difference. Our expert team of professionals are here to serve you.